Awakening Your Divine Feminine

This Free Session with a Mystic has been Divinely created to enlighten women to Re-Discover their Divine role as empowered women in the Earth plane.

Centuries of repression of the Divine Feminine Energy have lead humanity down a path of misdirection.

Each attendee will learn how the Divine Feminine Energy is energetically Re-Emerging to empower women to Re-Mind humanity of the fundamental ways of life here in this Earthly realm.

Life here on Earth is not the static conundrum we have been lead to believe. Life on Earth has been made to be that way by misguided self-serving beings in an attempt to distract the attention away from the unlimited power of the Divine Feminine Energy.

This Free session through the lens of a Mystic will clarify, and rejuvenate every attendee who shares the energy of this teaching.

As this type of energetic transmission of empowerment has a tendency to reveal confusion as well as add a level of clarity previously beyond comprehension, this session will focus on presenting the Divine Feminine Energy at a level of comfort and understanding each participant will be able to embrace.

Questions will be answered from the attendees and every participant will receive an energetic transmission certain to excite the curiosity and motivation to add significant substance to their journey to Re-Enlightenment.

This FREE session will be followed up by three more teachings, as a series to develop the topic to a refined point, allowing each attendee to grow their Divine Feminine Energy in a manner unique to each attendee’s potential and capability.

This session is Divinely intended to fill the teaching space to capacity.

Come fulfill the intention, join this session Learn your True Role as a Divine Feminine Energy. Bring your energy and your curiosity, for an opportunity to expand your awareness in a live session with the help of a lifelong Mystic to guide you.