Mystic Services

Healing Room Table Services:

  • Consultation / Energy Reading / Initial Energy Clearing
  1. Tuning Fork Energetic Alignment Level 1
  2. Tuning Fork Energetic Alignment Level 2
  3. Tuning Fork Energetic Alignment Level 3
  • Qigong Energy Alchemy Table Session
  • Meridian Blockage Clearing Table Session
  • Ancient Arts Energy Meditation and Table Session For Cultivation of Divine Feminine Energy
  • Remedial DNA Healing & Spiritual Opening, Tuning For YOUR Re-Enlightenment Journey
  • Male counseling is offered to directly support the significant other in the Emerging Divine Feminine energy program.

Each session is approximately one hour, and includes discussion, preparation, and related table service.

Rates for all Healing Room Counseling and Table Services is: $85 per session.