Suggested Sources To Assist In Your Re-Enlightenment Journey

Christopher Tims

Patricia Cota Robles


Start with the uniquely gripping trilogy of the Conversations With God. By far the most detailed instructions humans have been given in recent history.

Matt Kahn

Best first introduction is his most significant content is: “Whatever Arises Love That” course. Matt also has many YouTube videos that are sure to assist you in your Journey.

Bruce Lipton

Stem cell biologist Re-Enlightened by his discoveries: Audible Books By Bruce Lipton

Gregg Braden

Spontaneous Healing of Belief just one of many enlightening works by Gregg Braden.

BJ King

BJ King is a newly discovered Mystic by the mainstream more tech savvy mystics. Her work is amazing, but, as of this writing, none or not many of her works have been digitized. Sure to change as her popularity increases. Take the time and the extra effort to research her work.