About Love Posse

Love Posse has been Divinely created, to prepare a portal for Earthly beings to find Loving, Compassionate, guidance to train and understand how to energetically prepare for the Aquarian shift of energetic frequencies naturally being radiated from the Cosmos.

Without getting into the Piscean Age shifting into the Aquarian Age technicalities, suffice it to say that; you have been advised of this shift over fifty years ago! By the song “Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In” or more commonly known as “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” from 1967, sung by the 5th dimension… Wow… all the metaphors in that sentence!

That said, Love Posse is a web portal for Heart Centered Energy Workers and Aquarian Light Workers to come together to assist Humanity in “getting up to speed”. These Heart Centered Energy Workers and Aquarian Light Workers have been Divinely guided to teach and train as many eager seekers of this knowledge as possible.

As students, you will learn how to prepare your Earthly body to become energetically aligned with the incoming frequencies of the Aquarian Age. You will learn how to remove, pollutants, fears, angers, sadness, depression, diseases, physical ailments, and any and all other manifestations of energetic blocks in your body’s energy system. You will be taught how to train your conscious and unconscious minds to rid you of the Earthly contrived misconceptions you have been programmed with since birth. When that space is opened up in your mind your Heart will fill with Love and Compassion and headed on your way to become a beautiful, compassionate Heart Centered Light Worker.

Each student will be directed to any and all information needed to remove these energetic blockages and get the body prepared to become beacons of Divine Love and radiate that frequency throughout the Cosmos.

Those eager to seek this knowledge will be trained in the finer arts of these Ancient Traditions and Aquarian Age methodologies to then become proficient teachers in their own light. That cycle is Divinely intended to repeat until the Heart Centered beings of Humanity amass in numbers until the quantum “critical mass” tipping point has been reached and all beings will flood to their Heart Centered Higher Selves.

This seems like a magnanimous task for a small group of people in a rural community, but be comforted by the fact that the Aquarian Age has been sending higher levels of energetic frequencies for the last fifty years, this is the final touch on a long established inevitability. We are not alone in our endeavor nor are we without Divine guidance to clear the path for each of our journeys.

As lofty as this might sound to some new seekers, it is common knowledge among these Heart Centered Energy Workers and Aquarian Light Workers that if YOU were incarnated in this period… YOU actually agreed to be a part of and assist in this shift, and you might be surprised to know YOU may likely have taken an assignment and you will, knowingly, or perhaps unknowingly, complete it before you transition onto your next incarnation. You and all of the Earth have been bathed in these Aquarian frequencies for fifty years, most of them have been intentionally left dormant to build your tolerance and to wait for the moment you feel your calling.

You my friends would not have read this page to this point unless that calling has washed over you with the curiosity of a child!

Scribing this on behalf of any and all who pass through this portal to become Re-Enlightened, YOU ARE PROFOUNDLY LOVED BY ALL OF US!

As you become consumed with the curiosity of the Divinity within you, you will come to understand how to receive Divine guidance and to understand how this document has been Divinely received and auto written for this Divinely intended web portal. You will be taught how to be a conduit of this Divine information, and be trained in the Ancient Art of GNOSIS! Gnosis is KNOWING Beyond any Human understanding of why you KNOW!

You will KNOW beyond KNOWING why your I AM presence is so powerfully capable of ANYTHING.

Come Join Love Posse and Be the Change You Want To See In You, Your Family, Humanity, The Earth and Universe!