Free Open Forum With A Mystic

Think You Are Gifted or Different?

Have confusion about inexplicable emotions and sensations?

Free Open Forum With An Experiential Mystic and other “gifted” people from the area.

Typically, held on Sunday evenings at 5:00PM to 8:00PM. “Arrive when you can, leave if you must.”

Locations vary depending on space availability.

Request next session and location from All sessions will be in Local Venues.

Talk openly with a life long Experiential Mystic.

Meet other “gifted” people from the area.

Ask questions and listen to riveting accounts of how you can continue you “Sacred Earth Walk”.

Learn how to directly communicate with your “universe”.

Learn how to live from the Heart, and quiet the background noise in your life.

Many more awesome topics will be presented, bring your curiosity and be amazed!

Learn about unique modalities to help you on your Re-Enlightenment Path.

Come get your “Sacred Earth Walk” going!

No reservations necessary, come join us when you can, you may reserve a seat by contacting:

Curious seekers welcome… email questions or offer a location to meet.

See you there!

Friends and acquaintances welcome as well.