Free Open Forum With A Mystic

Feeling Like You Are Gifted or Different?

Have confusion about inexplicable emotions and sensations?

• Feel Like the moon is jumping over the cow?
• Let’s try to diffuse all the “Maya” presenting itself today!
• Would you like to be in the energy of and learn from high frequency individuals?

Set Up A Free Open Forum; online session with An Experiential Mystic and often other “gifted” people.

All sessions are offered in an easy to navigate collaborative online video session with discussions and Q&A

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Talk openly with a life long Experiential Mystic.

Ask questions and listen to riveting accounts of how you can continue your “Sacred Earth Walk”.

Learn how to directly communicate and be in harmony with your “universe”.

Learn how to live from the Heart, and quiet the background noise in your life.

Many more awesome topics will be presented, bring your curiosity and be amazed!

Learn about unique modalities Love Posse Spiritual Ministry offers to help you on your Re-Enlightenment Path.

Yoga Studios, wellness clinics, holistic functional medicine clinics, Natural Food purveyors, Mom and Pop Holistic venues… let’s craft sessions to address your group’s interest areas. Contact: to arrange a collaborative session and deliver value added features to your group, or practice.

Perhaps you have a group of like minded individuals you would like to share in this type of experience… Assemble your curious acquaintances , create your own group sessions… and suggest times for a session.

Come join us when you can, you may reserve a session by contacting:

Curious seekers welcome… email questions

Very much looking forward to meeting you online!