Mystic Teachings

Teachings and Services are offered specifically to create awareness regarding the Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine Energy; As such these services are specifically geared towards mature women seeking to embody the emerging energies being focused towards all mature women in the Earthly realm.

Couples support and guidance is provided for the compassionate significant other of a mature woman seeking to Re Emerge her Divine Feminine Energy,

These support teachings are geared specifically for the Male Energy to gain an understanding of the Divine Feminine Re Emergence process.

There are solutions for Divine Male Energy cultivation as well, they are similarly presented as teachings in the classroom and through scheduled energy sessions. All offerings are open to the public.

Male tunings and table services will be available to address the Divine Male Energy, please use the Lotus booking calendar to schedule, or inquire: for more info.

Consultation / Energy Reading / Initial Energy Clearing

Prerequisite introductory session for All table sessions.

The focus will be around YOU and YOUR curiosity. Your questions will be addressed and solutions will be briefly explained to accomplish your Re-Enlightenment process. The table session will include a basic sound energy alignment of your energy field.

Tuning Fork Energetic Alignment Levels 1 through 3

Tuning fork alignment, also known as, Sound Energy Dynamics is based on the principle that ALL matter is “Frozen Music”, as such EVERYTHING is affected by as well as controlled by sound!

Alignment of the energies in your body is critical for your body to function as a “tuned instrument” to receive the higher frequencies of sacred energy, which in turn foster the emergence of Divine Feminine Energy. When a highly enlightened practitioner uses Ancient healing arts energy, and tuning forks are played over certain corresponding areas of your body, frequencies which are required for optimal health in your body, organs and meridians, “sing” in harmony. Your body will resonate these frequencies for as long as those frequencies are present and are not replaced by dissonant frequencies, which are picked up empathically, by what has come to be known as “negative energy”.. While that is not actually what happens, it is a practical way to communicate the process visually.

Energetic alignment must be performed by a sage practitioner skilled in many Ancient arts. Though one could sing a tuning fork over their body, the net effect might be like trying to talk to a character in a movie and expecting a direct reply.

A skilled practitioner of Sound Energy merges with your energy field to discover what it is your particular energy is seeking.

There are three levels of basic tunings each addresses very specific needs of the field and each level is dependent on the successful implementation of the previous level and the willingness of the recipient to embrace the enhancement of life each tuning level brings.

Each tuning level will be supported by teachings directly related to the incorporation of this newly aligned energy and how best to maintain the new frequencies each tuning elevates you to.

More information on tuning teachings sessions will be available within the classroom teachings schedules.

Qigong Energy Alchemy Table Session

Qigong is an Ancient Eastern tradition art form. Qi is the “Life Force Energy” found within your body and all living things. This is the energy that “animates” you. Qigong is an Ancient tradition which teaches you how to cultivate more Qi and convert it to useful energy through the process of alchemy.

Qigong is the most passive of all Ancient martial arts and is totally focused on all forms of energy.

A skilled Qigong practitioner working with your energy has the ability to “see and feel” your energy.

When your energy is “blocked” meaning the “Flow Of Qi” is restricted in certain areas of your body, a skilled Qigong practitioner will know how to help break up the blockages and get the Qi flowing again.

With flowing Qi and energetic alignment from sound healing your Earthly “vessel” is more prepared to receive higher frequencies of energy and will resonate at those higher frequencies, causing you to rise above the “noise” and dissonant frequencies of the “Outer World”.

Meridian Blockage Clearing Table Session

Meridian Blockage Clearing is similar to Qi and Sound Energy blockage clearing, but the practice is used to specifically focus on particular organ groups and meridian pathways for those organs. This process is a combination of Ancient traditions with a refreshing application of strategic pressures and clearing techniques.

Used as a solution to address specific physical and emotional issues which have been deeply rooted and or have been formed from traumatic circumstances.

Please Note:

Any progression of these healing modalities can be used in combination or in any order based on the information obtained in the initial consultation session.

While each session is a complete process unto itself, very often multiple applications of the same process may be needed to clear obstinate or recurring blockages.

It is best to plan out a strategy after your initial consultation session.

Some sessions require a follow up visit, or minor adjustments sessions, based on the individual’s exposure to dissonant frequencies after the session.

As with any healing process, the majority of the healing comes from the individual being healed. The practitioner only administers the solutions indicated from the initial consultation and adjusts accordingly as progress is demonstrated; the person receiving the healing must embrace the solutions. Any practitioner that states they can heal you is operating from a grossly misguided understanding of Energy Healing and Shamanistic traditions. As a healer all the components to allow you to heal are compassionately presented and administered, the healing comes from the individual embracing the practitioner’s administration of the solution.

Classroom Teachings

Most classroom teachings that are of an informational transfer type, will typically offer the first introductory class as a Free session to introduce the topic and to elaborate on the curriculum syllabus, for potential students to assess the resonance of the teaching with their energetic field.

After the Free session, there will most likely be a series of three formal teaching sessions to complete the topic series. Students should expect to enroll for all of the sessions. Registration scheduling will reflect tuition for all of the teachings in each topic series. Dates for remaining sessions will be posted so the appropriate time commitment can be made. In some cases where it may be convenient or classroom scheduling may be challenging, online sessions may be offered.

In an effort to generate archives for future students and for the benefit of replays for enrolled students, it is very likely the teaching sessions may be recorded, and made available to other enrollees.

Minimum enrollment criteria will apply to conduct any series. All initial registrants will be notified when the series has attained sufficient enrollment.

Classroom Teaching Topics

Enter Your Energy Field Through An Artistic Form Of Energy Alchemy (Three Progressive Lessons)

In these fun, hands on class you will be taught to enter your energy field through the artistic use of meditation, expressed outwardly by drawing with pastel art chalks.

Enrollees will need to bring a 9” x 12” pastel drawing pad and a box of artistic pastel chalks with at least 12 to 20 colors.
Chalk Sets Similar to This set on Amazon

Pastel Paper Pad Similar to: This One

Similar sets are also avaialble in the Walmart art supplies isle.

You do NOT need to be artistic or even artistically inclined!

You energy field does all the artwork through your hands and reveals much information contained within your energetic field.

After the art is drawn, you will be shown how to enhance the image to reveal the many hidden images contained in your energy field.

Once complete you will have a hardcopy image for you to contemplate and meditate with.

The series is three teaching each with an elevated focus delving deeper into the hidden images of your energy field.

Classroom preparation and follow up to Tuning Session 1

This course is set as three lessons; the first lesson is taken prior to the administration of the Level 1 Tuning Session. The second and third lessons are follow up lessons to learn how to remain in tune for as long as possible.

Classroom preparation and follow up to Tuning Session 2

This course is set as three lessons; the first lesson is taken prior to the administration of the Level 2 Tuning Session. The second and third lessons are follow up lessons to learn how to remain in tune for as long as possible.

Classroom preparation and follow up to Tuning Session 3

This course is set as three lessons; the first lesson is taken prior to the administration of the Level 3 Tuning Session. The second and third lessons are follow up lessons to learn how to remain in tune for as long as possible.

Other Classroom Sessions

Vibrant Living
Heart Centered Living
Ancient Traditions And Healing

Instructor Training For All Topics Will Be Available As Interest Builds